Natural Wood Dresser

Madden Natural Wood Dresser

Natural wood dresser

A dresser is an important piece of furniture in your home, it helps keep your bedroom organized and holds more items due to their large size. Dressers are more than just furniture, not only do they store your clothes or other items. They can really stand out, the right dresser can completely change the look of a room. Whether your looking for something simple or a solid walnut dresser you will be able to find it on our site. 

Natural wood dresser

The difference between a real wood dresser

A natural wooden dresser has distinctive grain features that you see running down the dresser with inlaid designs. With real wood you get longer durability use out of your furniture as its built properly to last. Cheaper dressers are made with alternative materials and thin layers of particle board. These dressers are no good and will only last you a few years. A sturdy modern wooden dresser will withstand years of use and you will get a lot more use out of it. 

Carmel solid wood dresser

Solid wood dresser 

When you purchase a black solid wood dresser you know you are buying something thats going to last you a long time. When a dresser is built from real wood it can be updated as life goes on. Over the years you may want something new but you can still have plenty of life in your dresser. It can be updated with new hardware or painted to look brand new. With a sturdy wood frame the dresser will be in your family for some time to come. 

Modern White Dresser

What makes a dresser modern? 

A modern dresser made from natural woods such as oak or walnut are usually then painted with a high gloss white or other color. The most popular is definitely white, we have some great options for you with the modern white dresser, some have chrome handles or legs to give it that extra modern touch. Another great modern option would be a silver dresser, some come with mirrored frames and others are completely silver all over. 

Natural black wood dresser

Natural black wood dresser 

A black wood dresser is very popular right now especially with natural wood characteristics. You can pair natural wood tones around your bedroom to blend well with a black dresser. Cream colored pillows or bedding match well. You can also sit earthy toned decor items on top or of white items like small planter pots or trays.

Mango wood dresser

Mango Natural wood dresser 

While we are on the topic of colors, a mango wood dresser is a great choice for in between shades of dark or light brown. Natural mango wood is water resistant and is hard to wear down. With a golden brown color and distinguished wood grain pattern it stands out. Mango wood is considered a natural hardwood and its consistent grain pattern make it a top choice for furniture. 

Natural wood thats best for furniture

Whats the best natural wood for furniture?

A lot of real wood furniture is built from the same woods and thats because they are solid and last a Long time. These woods consist of Oak, Walnut, Mahogany and more. Oak wood is a good durable long lasting wood with detailed wood grain. This wood is very unlikely to warp or stain and is easy to take care of. Mahogany is a lot harder than oak and is a lot more stable than other woods. Walnut is a lot like oak and is also very durable. 

gaines modern white gold dresser bd01037

Contemporary wooden dresser

If the natural wood is not what you’re really looking for we have some great solid wood painted dressers. They come in an assortment of styles from a blue velvet to white and gold. Our white and gold dressers come in different styles. Some have a patterned frame like our Gaines bedroom collection, others have a gloss smooth white finish. 

ridgedale dresser 223483_10

Should I buy a natural wood dresser? 

So to come to a final conclusion, a natural wood dresser is the perfect combination of appeal and durability. A cheaper soft wood dresser is a good option for a quick replacement or kids bedroom. If you want something thats going to last you then a properly built solid wood bedroom dresser is a lot more strong and overall the better choice.