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Modular sectional sofa

If you are looking around for a new sectional sofa then a modular sofa could be a good way to go for you. A modular sofa is basically a sofa you can create and design the exact way you want. If you have a smaller apartment you can go with a smaller 3 piece sectional sofa. 2 corners and an ottoman make up a great smaller sofa, if you have a little more space you can add an armless piece in the middle. This basically creates a standard sofa with a  ottoman as the chaise lounger. From there you can go up in size depending on the size of your room.

Sectional With Ottoman

The larger the room the larger sofa you will need to accommodate and not make your room look awkward. With a modular couch you can also rearrange and move around your pieces if you want. You can split them up if your having people over and need room for a party. You can push them together to make one big bed to watch a movie on the options are endless. Since the ottoman is the same height as the seated part of the sofa it makes things easier styling the sofa. You can use the ottoman as the seated part in between each piece so you can shuffle them around and fit them together. 

Curved sectional sofa

One other great style of sofa is the Curved sectional sofa or other wise known as a conversation sofa. This year we have seen curved and rounded furniture frames become very popular at furniture trade shows. Usually these days most sofa frames have a squared back frame making it better to sit along the wall of your living room. With a curved back frame its actually better to sit in the middle of the room or just off the wall. This way you can see the curved frame of the couch better and keep it on display. With a stylish contemporary curved sofa its best to display it with 1 or 2 accent chairs depending on the size.

Curved Sofa With Gold Legs

You can try and blend the legs of each piece together so try to go with gold legs on the accent chairs if your curved couch has gold legs. You also want these accent chairs to have the matching rounded frame, 2 squared frame chairs will not blend well with a curved couch. When decorating your living room its always important to make measurements but thats even more the case when it comes to a curved frame.

Measuring A Curved Sectional

Since the back paneling of the frame is curved you have to measure it a little differently. You want to go from corner to corner to get the realistic measurement of the living space and sofa. Because of the shape of a curved frame, they actually create more room for people to sit on. When you sit on a squared frame couch with a lot of people your legs are crammed together, when you curve the frame your seated position separate better. 

Mid century modern sectional sofa

Mid century modern furniture is known for its curves, rectangular shapes and very popular earthy tones. This simple yet fashionable style of furniture creates the perfect focal point for any living room. A good quality mid century modern sectional can work with most interiors and they are very easy to work around when it comes to interior design. Most of our mid century modern pieces are upholstered in earthy tone upholstery.

Cognac Brown Mid Century Style Sectionals

Whether its a cognac brown sectional or an off white sectional our selection of sofas should have you covered when it comes to your living room. Our mid century modern furniture features clean lines with tapered legs in a number of materials. When you look through most furniture showrooms these days really tend to lean towards the mid century modern style.

What Is A Mid Century Modern Sectional?

A mid century modern couch has warm earthy tones that are cozy and inviting, when displayed correctly can look like you have designed your own showroom. Mid century modern sectionals have been popular for so long now and its really become a timeless design. When it comes to mid century design it goes back to the 30s through to the 60s. When added with modern furniture you get mid century modern and this a slight blend of the two.This furniture style definitely leads towards mid century over modern, and thats probably why its been around so long. Since this style of furniture has been around for a long time one of the most popular ways of accomplishing the look, is to find an old outdated sectional. You can update it with mid century modern features. If you have been trying this but not having any luck then mid century modern furniture has been replicated by a number of big suppliers that we are partnered with. 

In stock sectional sofas ready to ship

One of the number one questions we have these days before ordering furniture is. Is this sectional sofa in stock.? Before placing your order from anywhere you should double check these days that the sectional is in stock and ready to ship. We are constantly updating our live inventory. Any sectional sofa is in stock that is purchased from our sale page will be instantly scheduled for delivery. We have 2 warehouses we ship furniture from in Miami and los Angeles. We deliver to both cities for completely free. Thats both miami and los angeles that get free delivery for all products on our website. We also offer nationwide delivery from our Los Angeles warehouse. 

off white sectional sofa

If you are looking around for a white sofa then you may be thinking, how am I going to keep this clean. How do you keep your kids or pets from ruining the bright white sofa. Sometimes thats almost impossible and one of the ways around this problem is going with an off white sofa. With an off white sectional sofa you can get the same modern feel of a white couch without the bright easily stained upholstery. It ranges between the eggshell color to a slightly darker vanilla. An off white sofa can slightly hide smaller stains and marks when every day things happen. Its obviously not going to hide a glass of wine or some other dark liquid stain but you will get away with the smaller stuff. It depends on the style you are trying to accomplish but sometimes a really bright couch can be too much for the room. Its nice to have that blend between 2 colors, an off white sofa can gradually blend in with the rest of the decor in your home.

Blue sectional sofa

A blue sectional sofa is a great way to make a statement with your living room. You can inject color and personality into the living space. You can contrast the perfect amount of color without overpowering the room or making it look tacky. We carry blue sectionals in a number of styles from casual fabric to modern velvet. Blue sofas surprisingly also match perfectly with lots of other colors. You can pair a blue sofa with bright accent pillows like mustard yellow, red, white or even Gold. A beige rug or green trees to break up the color and help the blue blend in to the room. Whether its dark blue leather or light blue fabric upholstery sofa, this eye catching color is a great addition to any living room.

Cream sectional sofa

If you want to go one shade darker then you can go with a cream sectional sofa. This is slightly darker than off white, a cream piece of furniture is further away from white and will need different decor. We have some great cream couches that are upholstered in a number of different fabrics with different styles of stitching. Since cream is such a neutral color its very versatile when it comes to decorating around it. Its best to blend other neutral colors, if you choose you can go brighter or darker from that neutral position. A cream couch pairs best with vivid warm tones if you a trying to create a casual homely feel. If you want a more modern style then you go with cooler shades of blue and green to bring more pop into a modern room. When it comes to rugs a cream sofa is endless with opportunities, they look great with a slightly darker earthy appeal. From there you can then add in some green with natural trees plants and modern planter pots. 

Velvet sectional sofa

For the last few years we have seen velvet sectional sofas gain more and more popularity. A velvet upholstered sofa is actually the idea upholstery when it comes to fabric furniture. Since the fabric is not weaved or has any loose threads its a lot more resistant to snagging and when you clean it the threads will not separate as easy. If one of the main reasons you are purchasing a velvet couch is the durability, then you do still have to look into it and do a little research. Any pure cotton or silk velvet sofas can be a little more sensitive when it comes to stain cleaning.

Velvet Corner Sofa

You want to go with more modern synthetic velvets. Unlike knock off leather this velvet is actually a little better than velvet for upholstery. Velvet upholstery has a very cosy and comfortable feel, its very soft to the touch and feels great when your laying on it. Not only is it comfortable its very easy to change colors making them even more versatile. We have velvet sofas in a number of different colors from more standard colors like gray to more bright greens and blues. 

Green sectional sofa

A green sectional sofa is often over looked when it comes to interior design. Green sectionals are a great way of bringing a mid century modern vibe to your home. You will see a lot of top furniture show rooms displaying green sofas these days, that hasn’t really been the case in the past. One of the most popular green corner sofas is a green velvet sofa. We carry a number of different green velvet pieces from different suppliers in different price ranges. Some of our green couches have nailhead trim so they blend perfectly with a contemporary look, especially with the right decor pillows. You can blend a green velvet sectional with light wood tables or other earthy tones. Lay beige white or tan blankets over a sofa that match well with small pieces around the room.

What Goes With Green Sectionals

The main thing you want to do with a green sectional is stay with cool toned colors. You do not want to try and blend in other bright colors with green, it just does not work with interior design. If you have art work or wallpaper behind the green sofa then plain white pillows or blankets work great. If you have a plain wall behind its a good idea to go with patterned blankets or cushions, the same goes for a rug. We have different styles and shades of green when it comes to sectional sofas. Our popular morrow dark green sofa is known as an olive green sofa, this is a darker color green and has been very popular lately. The Zenas green fabric sleeper sofa is a good example of a lighter green sofa. Its a nice pastel green color and then there is lots of shades in between. 

Small Sectional Sofas 

If you have a smaller living room in an apartment or smaller home then a small sectional sofa could work out great for you. You can sit a small sectional in the corner of your living room so it does not take up too much room. When you are living in a smaller space you do not want it to feel cramped or claustrophobic inside, with a smaller sofa you will have more room. All of our smaller size sectionals have a wood or metal frame and are upholstered in a number of different materials. One of the most important things when it comes to a small sofa is measuring it first.

Measuring Your Home For A Small Sofa

If you have a small living space then you need to make sure you measure it before buying the sofa. Some small sectionals have a chaise lounger but since its a smaller sofa most are laid out in a corner frame style. Our small sleeper sofas do have the option for a hideaway mattress. A lot of smaller apartments do not have extra rooms so you need somewhere for visitors to stay. Just becasue its a smaller sectional it doesnt mean that it cant also be used as a bed. We have some fantastic options when it comes to small couches with hideaway beds.  

Cheap Sectional Sofas

Are you trying to update your home in a Mid century modern style and looking for something budget friendly. We have some great options for cheap furniture. The Valour sofa is mostly popular for its cognac leather finish but we also carry it in velvet upholstery. Velvet pieces have become more popular with added chaise lounges. Shop our cheap leather sectionals like the Ashton Vegan Leather Sectional Sofa. This comfortable living room sofa features a tailored profile with elegant biscuit tufting and two bolster pillows. Covered in soft, stain-resistant performance velvet upholstery. Upholstered in vegan leather, this cheap living room furniture is padded with dense foam. Its then complete with a spring pocket support system to offer a premium seating experience.

Sofa Sectional For Sale

You can buy furniture online now and get it fast! Kfrooms has the best furniture prices in Florida & California. We sell the same quality furniture for a fraction of the price. Our teams deliver furniture for completely free in all of Los Angeles and the surrounding southern California area. The delivery trucks are out every day driving down through riverside county to Murrieta and Temecula. They then go down to San Diego from there every 3 days. We are in Los Angeles area every day, once you place your order you will be scheduled in for local delivery right away. We also offer nationwide delivery!

Caring & Cleaning Your Sectional Sofa

One of the most important things to think about after your buy your furniture, is how to clean and care for it. With any cleaning, you should understand what materials go with what type of cleaners or chemicals that shouldn’t be used. First thing is to act quickly once the stain or spill happens. Dab the stain with a absorbent towel without smearing it. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation before you use any cleaning solvents. Look over the cleaning codes. If you ever see the random codes or letters on the sofa tags, they usually are related to the cleaning codes. “W” is for Water based cleaner.