Our Most Popular Modern White Dresser

modern white dresser

Modern White Dresser

Have you been looking for a modern white dresser but you are not sure where to spend your hard earned money. Whether you are looking for a high end modern white and gold dresser for your new home, or just a basic white dresser for a rental home. We have a great selection for you, a modern white dresser is definitely a popular option so we have curated a list of some of our most popular modern white dressers. The quest for the perfect modern dresser can be a lot easier if you know what style you are looking for. Most of this list will be in a modern style. 

Mid Century Modern White Dresser

White mid century modern dresser 

If you tend to be more attracted to higher end bedroom dressers in that mid century modern style we all are looking for these days then you may be shopping around a west elm. The angled legs are a staple when it comes to mid century modern design, you do not have to pay high prices for mid century modern furniture. You can find a white mid century modern dresser like this west elm dresser at a way better price. At Kfrooms we carry the same quality white mid century modern bedroom dressers for a fraction of the price of westelm. Instead of dishing out a ton of money for a bedroom dresser, you can buy one online and have it delivered and installed within 7 to 10 days if you are in Miami or Los Angeles. We also offer nationwide shipping, allow 10 to 14 days for that. 

gaines white gold dresser bd01037

Contemporary White And Gold Dresser 

With a stylish contemporary white and gold dresser you can actually enjoy organizing your bedroom knowing how good everything will look when its neatly packed away in your new dresser. These modern white and gold dressers are the perfect choice if you are looking to bring a more contemporary touch to your bedroom. A white dresser with gold hardware adds a stylish modern flair to your bedroom decor. When you add the right accent furniture and decor around these dressers it can look great. A white dresser can compliment most color schemes in most bedrooms so its a great piece of furniture to buy first and then decorate around. 

202993 jessica coaster white dresser

White High Gloss Dresser 

We have been in business since 2014 and one of the most popular items has always been the white high gloss dresser and we do not see that changing any time soon. These bedroom dressers are shiny and highly reflective with a super smooth finish. These dressers truly look stunning and we have a few different options in this style. Not only are your modern white dressers affordable they are also very easy to clean, a gloss finish can be wiped down with warm water and a cloth. A high white gloss bedroom dresser is a great option for for you if you like to stay up to date with contemporary interior design trends. Its a simple choice, easy to maintain, affordable and looks great! 

Modern Tall White Dresser

Modern Tall White Dresser 

If what we have been showing you so far is not really what your looking for design wise, then maybe a modern tall white dresser would be better for you. This is otherwise known as a bedroom chest. A bedroom chest stands taller than a dresser and is another great way of showing your modern style. A modern tall white dresser holds your belongings exactly the same way as a regular dresser. It just stands in a different way and can be great when it comes to saving room in your home. Most of the bedroom collections we carry have the option for both a dresser or chest. 

bd00647 casilda white dresser

What goes with a modern white dresser? 

There are many ways to style your white dresser and make it look great in your home. One of the best ways is with plants, a tall house plant to the side of the dresser looks great and brings some more life into your room. One of the main rules to stick to when decorating your dresser is to not leave an open wall behind the dresser. Whether is a window letting natural light in, mirror or piece of art you need something there. This creates more visual balance to the room and interior designers always do this. You want this piece to be around half the size of the dresser, anything bigger or smaller starts to not work. One of the best features of a white dresser is that its basically a blank canvas to work with, you can easily decorate around and on top of the dresser. 

Decorating The top of a modern white dresser 

When it comes to decorating the top of a modern white dresser your options are endless. A good place to start is with something tall like a modern vase or decorative item that you can sit to one side of the dresser. Once you place that then a low and long item like a decorative tray or jewelry box is perfect. You can then balance out the heigh by adding some more smaller decorative pieces and stagger them next to each other around but not to close to the vase. You can also go with a small decorative basket or plant to add more color to the room. The same goes for around the dresser, that space is easily filled with a green plant or decorative basket, hamper. 

haiden white modern dresser

Haiden Modern White Dresser

The Haiden modern white dresser by Acme furniture features a classic design with touches of modern aspects that make it ideal for any bedroom. This dresser offers a rectangular tabletop and six storage drawers for displaying or organizing. It also features a glamorous shimmering silver accent trim that adds richness to the design. The drawer handles with the same shimmering silver tie them all together to create a cohesive look. The white finish makes it easy to fit into already existing decor.

Whitaker Dresser 223333

An on-trend seven-drawer dresser puts a twist on the typical two-tone design. It features a modern glam design that upgrades the fab factor of any bedroom. The Whitaker modern white dresser by Coaster furniture is crafted with a white and silver finish that will brighten up any contemporary home. The drawers are adorned with lustrous chrome bling pull handles, with the top drawers lined in black felt to protect your valuables. Exquisite bun feet are the perfect way to complete the design of this unabashedly glam showpiece.

Marion modern white Dresser

Marion Modern White Dresser By Coaster 

Bold and contemporary, this Marion modern white dresser by Coaster freshens up a bedroom with cool, modern appeal. This piece is crafted with a 3D paper veneer for added quality and easy maintenance. Dark bronze handles top each drawer to add a classic element to its modern look. The deep storage drawers easily accommodate a wide variety of wardrobe essentials. This beautiful dresser is available in multiple finishes to easily blend with any palette.