In Stock Furniture

Why is furniture out of stock? 

These days it’s a lot harder to find in stock furniture, however we have been working hard to bring in lots of new inventory ready for summer. We now have hundreds of options in stock ready for next day shipping. Furniture has been out of stock for a number of reasons. With the initial shutdown of the country first starting during the beginning of covid, the furniture industry was hit hard. Non essential jobs stopped and that means furniture manufacturing came to a hault. Therefore no new furniture was made and we had a 3 to 6 month gap where no warehouses were getting shipments. There has been a gradual increase in production but with other shipment problems we are still seeing inventory a lot lower than usual. Now more than ever its important to check to see if the furniture is in stock before you buy it. 

Gaines White and gold bedroom set bd01034q_4

When Will Furniture Be Back In Stock?

This 3 to 6 month delay has disrupted the furniture industry so bad that we are now seeing some delays up to 6 to 12 months. Some suppliers have been so bad we have had to cut ties with them until production picks up again. Our customers still need in stock furniture and we will keep working hard to make sure we can provide the best furniture in the quickest delivery time frame possible. We have been bringing more furniture in every week, a new shipment of white and gold dressers and white and gold nightstands are ready for delivery. 

Montana Italian Cognac 100% Leather Modular Sofa

All Furniture On Our Sale Page Is In Stock 

If you have been shopping around for any kind of furniture lately, you have probably been realizing its hard to find furniture in stock. It’s been impossible to find a Cognac leather sofa or Cognac accent chair in stock within the past few months. Our team has partnered with the right manufacturers to bring in a lot of new cognac furniture. The Cooper Sofa and the Montana sectional sofa have been very popular since we added them. We are constantly adding in stock only furniture to our sale page. That means you can shop through our entire sale selection with the peace of mind knowing the furniture will be delivered within 7 to 10 days anywhere in the United States. 

Gaines white and gold dining table set dn01258_3-2

White And Gold Dining Set 

The Gaines white and gold dining set is now in stock and ready for delivery. This dining set features a gloss white base with a touch of gold on the bottom base. This table has textured vertical features in a high white gloss. With matching White and gold chairs its the perfect option for a contemporary dining set 

White LED Bed

White Leather Recliner Sofa 

Bring back the luxury of first-class travel from an era of glamour with these power living room sets from the Largo white leather recliner sofa. These pieces exude characteristic mid-century modern details with clean lines and bold track arms as well as slim polished stainless steel legs. Luxurious top grain leather is available in ink blue or crisp white to complement your decor, each with elegant stitching details. Relaxation is paramount, so we’ve included power reclining seats for custom comfort at the touch of a button. Crisper certified memory foam over a fully encased hardwood frame provides ultimate support and is built to last.

White Leather modern Recliner Sofa

Finding Furniture In Stock 

You will notice that when shopping for furniture these days it tends to always be the classic Grey or Beige furniture thats in stock. Thats because most furniture manufacturers have a higher demand and supply for more simple standard furniture like an off white sectional sofa. Unfortunately this means a lot of the different modern furniture such as a Led Bedroom Set or velvet furniture like Our Deanna Grey Velvet Bed or Rhett Velvet Sectional Sofa inventory has been pushed back. We have worked hard to ship in a lot more velvet furniture lately to keep up with our demand. 

Gray Modular Cloud Sectional Sofa

Serene Sectional Sofa By Coaster 

Create a welcoming seating area with this four-piece contemporary sectional. Designed with one armless chair, two corner chairs and one oversized ottoman, this modular sofa lends itself wonderfully to casual, chic entertainment spaces and family living rooms. Wrapped in a breathable linen-like fabric that is soft to the touch, this stylish sectional also features a neutral hue than offers a serene look to a restful retreat. jacquard accent pillows offer extra texture and dimension against the reversible back pillows. Slide the ottoman against a seat to transform the side into a chaise lounge to stretch out or rotate it in front to act as a coffee table for a drink tray.

Jelanea Gray & Gold Velvet Sofa Set

Shipping Delays 

While we have had problems with manufacturing during the pandemic,  its slowly starting to get back to normal. However this has just been the start to problems in recent years. While online shopping has raised the demand for shipping the cargo transport companies have not been able to keep up. With lack of workers in all fields from shipment port employees to delivery drivers they are all struggling. It’s taking us a couple extra months to ship in items but we have our warehouses full and have adapted to recent times.