White Leather Sofa

White Leather modern Recliner Sofa

White Leather Sofa 

The living room is the focal point of most homes, therefore a living room sofa is much more than just a piece of furniture. Your sofa should fit the style of your home whether thats a casual micrfiber sofa or a modern white leather couch. There’s no doubt about it, buying a white sofa can be a little intimidating but they are easier to clean than you may think. Especially if you go with any of our white leather sofas since they are the easiest to clean out of most upholsteries. 

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White Recliner Couch 

When you think about getting a white sofa dirty it can just seem like too much and people tend to avoid them for that reason only. Therefore people tend to overlook some of our most popular white couches on our website. First of all when it comes to buying a white recliner sofa the first thing to consider is what is the sofa upholstered with. If staining the sofa is your main concern then leather is definately your best option.

Divani Casa Gilsum modern white leather Sectional Sofa Divani Casa Gilsum Sectional Sofa

Why are people afraid of white furniture? 

People have a good reason to be afraid of a white fabric sofa if you have kids or pets, however a white leather sofa is a completely different story. If you want to bring a bright clean airy look to your home then a modern white sofa would be a great place to start shopping. Leather is also one of the most durable upholsteries, therefore its hard to puncture and won’t absorb spills quickly giving you plenty of time to clean it.

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White Leather Upholstery 

White leather is easily the best white upholstery for a new sofa. Not only is it hard to stain, but it’s far more durable than fabric. A fabric sofa is already harder to clean as the food or liquid bonds to the upholstery and cant be removed. We have a large selection of White modern sofas to choose from. When it comes to the leather the liquid sits on the first layer giving you time to grab something to remove it. 

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White Leather Sofa Cleaning

With most white recliner sofas, you’re going to just use a wet cloth and slowly go back and fourth cleaning the couch. The main trick to cleaning stains is to not let them sit, as soon as you see the spill grab something quick. Be sure to dab and not scrub when cleaning your sofa, a stain can get a lot worse when you rub it in.  

Should I Buy A White Leather Couch? 

We have a great collection of leather white sofas. A quality sofa can be the main centerpiece of your living room or maybe even your entire home. If you are also considering buying a new sofa one of your first thoughts may be whether you want a stationary or reclining sofa. Both white leather sofas are completely different but today we are here to concentrate on reclining. We are here to help you make that big decision and choose between some of our options. Reclining sofas also usually feature two reclining mechanical sides at both ends of the sofa. If you like to relax after a long day of work by reclining back with your legs up then a modern white leather couch is a great option for you.

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White Leather Power Reclining Sofa 

A white leather electric recliner sofa with built in electric headrest footrest that recline with a button on the sofa. Unlike manual sofas they are a lot easier to use and it just makes your sofa feel more luxurious. The ability to press one button and everything moves into the exact position you need to be in for the ultimate relaxation. 

Divani Casa Gilsum modern white leather recliner Sectional Sofa

Reclining sofa or regular sofa?

Deciding on a modern sofa or a modern reclining sofa is something you may be thinking about, but you really don’t have to make this decision. These days if you buy a good quality white recliner sofa you cant even tell if it reclines or not. In the past 5 to 10 years manufacturers have really made an effort to keep a reclining sofa base the same, in the past they have been uncomfortable as the reclining frame bends up into the seat.

Adjustable white sleeper sofas  

These days with new adjustable designs a reclining couch is comfortable and versatile. Some of our reclining sectional couches even feature a chaise with storage or a fold out bed sleeper sofa. The Icon is one of our most popular white leather sleeper sofas. 

Power reclining white leather sofa

Power reclining leather sofa 

A reclining sofa is a great plus when you come home from a long day of work and get so sit your feet up and rest. In addition we also have leather power reclining sofas, these sofas recline back automatically with a touch of a button. Most of these sofas feature other things like usb connection or adjustable headrests. Our power reclining sofas come with 3 to 5 year warranty plans so any parts can be replaced for free within that time frame. 

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Styling A Modern white recliner sofa 

Since white is a blank canvas when it comes to interior design its a great place to start when designing a room. A new white leather living room set can match with any color and can be incorporated into any living room style. If you are trying to go for a more contemporary look you can add bright color pillows and throw blankets.

3 Seater Recliner Sofa

When paired with some bright colored art your modern room can look great with a white 3 seater recliner sofa . Even a darker industrial style room pairs well with a white couch, you can go with wooden or metal legs to match the other furniture in the room. A very popular style right now is mid century modern where you incorporate light beige colors with darker tones of brown. With clean lines, vibrant colors and natural woods mid century modern has become a top choice for customers in the past few years. 

Coronelli Collezioni Icon - Modern Italian White Leather Sofa Bed

Should I buy A white sofa? 

So we now know that leather is the easiest upholstery to keep clean. If you do decide to go with a leather sofa and you are considering whether or not to go with white, there is plenty of positives on why too. If you have an apartment or a smaller living room then a white leather sofa recliner can be a great choice for you. A white sofa reflects light so with a lot of windows a white couch can make the room feel bigger than it is. Just because you went with a white sofa does not mean your whole room has to be white. A white reclining sofa can style perfectly with most other colors and accent furniture. You can blend a white sofa with other natural tones to make your living room feel warm and cozy. 

Divani Casa Gilsum modern white leather Sectional Sofa Divani Casa Gilsum Sectional Sofa

Reclining Leather Sectional 

If you want to make the most of the space in your living room then a reclining leather sectional could be the perfect choice for you. A small corner sofa structures to the corner of your living room and laves a more open concept to your home. Some of our sectionals have built in recliners so you do not have to sacrifice comfort for convenience. Some of our reclining sofas feature a wall hugger frame, this means the sofa can recline all the way down along the wall without touching it. This is very convenient, theres nothing worse than having to sit your new sofa 5” of the wall so it doesnt touch it and leave marks on the wall. 

White Sofa with Kids or Pets 

If you have pets in your home you already know to keep a lint roller or stains remover on hand. Whether its for your clothes or your furniture we all know what it’s like being a parent or pet owner and dealing with stains. You have probably spent hours win the past vacuuming your sofa or rubbing out stains, fortunately with a leather sofa none of this is needed. It doesn’t matter if its a glass of wine or an old sticky popsicle, a leather sofa can be cleaned with just water and cloth. You can always go with a white stain resistant sectional to completely avoid any problems. 

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Extended Warranty Just Incase 

When you purchase a white sofa its good to have that extra coverage just incase. We are all human beings and its easy to make a mistake one day, whether its a new reclining sectional or a sleeper sofa getting an extended warranty by Guardsman is always a great idea when it comes to buying furniture. 

Buy Now Pay Later Furniture

Pay monthly for your white sofa 

These days more than ever its nice to keep that hard earned cash in the bank. We offer a number of ways to pay monthly for your new white couch. You can split the payments in 4 ways with Klarna or Affirm and pay no interest at all. Check out our buy now pay later page for lots more info. If you have a lower credit score then we also have Acima as an option. You can contact our team now with any questions and we will be happy help you.