Performance Fabric Sofa

Freddie White Modular Sectional Sofa By Coaster

What Is A Performance Fabric Sofa? 

Performance fabric sofas are built to last, they withstand the wear and tear off usual every day use. A sofa that is upholstered with performance fabric can easily deal with dirt or small marks. This makes cleaning your sofa a lot easier if you spill drinks or food on your new sofa. The new technology has come a long way in the last couple years. You can get the same high durability fabrics as your patio sofa inside your home. Therefore we no longer have to sacrifice a nice soft upholstery for it to be durable. All of the furniture manufacturers we work with are also releasing more and more performance fabric sofas each year. 

Clay White Stain Resistant Fabric Sectional Sofa

Our Top Selling Performance Fabric Sofas

Performance fabric upholstery has become one of the most popular styles of sofa we carry today. This durable technology comes in a number of different styles. Here is some of our most popular performance fabric sofas we have released this year. Starting with our Freddie modular sectional sofa to our always popular heritage sofa. We also have a great selection of performance fabric furniture to choose from. 


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Freddie Performance Fabric Modular Sofa



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Is Performance Fabric Durable 

A Performance fabric sofa is stain resistant and will last you for years to come. When you think of a sofa that will last you a long time you usually picture a top grain leather sofa. A performance fabric sofa has always been the go to good quality sofa that will be somewhat stain resistant and cant be ruined by one mistake. Performance fabric upholstery is resistant to mildew, stains, sun, water and is very easy to maintain and clean. Not many fabric sofas have these features so its continuing to get more and more popular. When looking for the perfect sofa if you have pets or a family a performance fabric sofa is the perfect choice for you. Since the sofa has water blocking features it also gives you time to get to the liquid before it sinks in and makes a stain. 

Clay Grey Sectional Sofa YJ-1002-29

How To Clean A Performance Fabric Sofa? 

A performance fabric sofa is specially designed to withstand every day wear and tear, it can also repel against stains. Now this doesn’t mean the sofa will not need to be cleaned from time to time and there are still certain ways that are better than others. The fabric is already designed to fight against stains the top layer should hold most of the liquid in. Just a light blot with a damp towel should bring up most of the liquid. You want to try and avoid rubbing it in, the liquid will drop to the lower levels of the fabric and thats where stains come in to play. When you do get this far stop what your doing and get a light soap. Then scrub in a rotation until the stain is removed. 

The Benefits Of Performance Fabric

There are so many benefits of performance fabric and thats why its been getting so popular. One of the worse things about a fabric sofa is exposure to sunlight, this starts to change the shade of the sofa so anything thats in the light gets effected. A performance fabric sofa by Modway furniture has a unique fiber formula that cannot be damaged by the sun. You can place the sofa directly by the window and not worry about the upholstery color changing. Its great when it comes to modular sofas as you can move the pieces around without having to worry about the shade change. Performance fabric high quality upholstery is engineered to be very hard to stain and easy to clean. The lifespan is one of the main positives of this sofa. It should last you a long time no matter how many kids or pets you have. 

Code- EEI-3764-GRY valour

Types Of Performance Fabric Sofas 

Our performance fabric sofas come in a number of different sizes and styles. If you are looking for something in a sectional then we have some great options. A popular option for sectionals right now Is a modular sectional sofa, we have beautiful sofas in this style. We also carry more traditional style sofas like our Heritage sofa by Modway furniture. The Performance fabric has a simple but elegant design that has been popular for years now. The Valour sofa thats pictured above is upholstered in a performance velvet. Therefore if you are interested in velvet this is a great choice as it will last longer than most velvet pieces of furniture. 

EEI-3764-MIN valour mint 2

Stain Resistant

When you purchase a new sofa you always want to take care of it and have it looking new for as long as possible. This stain resistant feature is probably the best thing about a performance fabric sofa, they are highly resistant to color fade and as long as you get there in time mostly stain resistant. When it comes to this upholstery this is not just a sprayed on treatment, this sofa is specifically designed this way to stand up to stain exposure. The performance fabric sofa is perfect for every day life occurrences, if your pet comes running in with mud from outside right on your sofa its not the end of the world. With some cleaning your sofa can look exactly like the day you purchased it. Commercial furniture in the past has been designed with stain resistant furniture but it has always been uncomfortable and oversized. These days are long gone and you no longer have to sacrifice style for a stain resistant couch. 

Other Performance Fabric Furniture 

Its not just sofas that we have upholstered in this amazing new technology, we also carry some beautiful beds. A lot of Modway furniture products are designed in this new upholstery and they are sold at a great price point. For under a thousand dollars you just cant go wrong with these performance fabric beds.