Popular Dining Sets This Summer

Modrest Seguin Dining Set

Popular Dining Sets This Summer 

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in your home, life is slowly getting back to normal these days and having people over for dinner is a big part of socializing life. Choosing the right Dining table for your house is important, your going to make memories and share meals over this table so its good to go over all the possibilities of dining room sets. Whatever your budget is, you want to make the right choice.


Glass Dining Table Set 

A Glass Top Dining Table will give your dining room a nice sophisticated and classy look, especially glam dining room sets it also helps the room with an open flow. Although glass is naturaly strong its obviously not as solid as a dining table. A glass top dining table set can be a great addition to your home, however they are a little more delicate than a standard table. Glass is a delicate material unlike a wood dining table so you have to be careful with kids and pets running around. Since the glass is see through it definitely makes the room feel and look larger. Glass adds that extra illusion to make your dining space feel a lot larger than it actually is. 

Newberry Solid Acacia Wood Dining Set

Beige Dining Chairs 

One of the most popular options for a dining set is the beige dining chair. It matches with most dining tables from glass to rustic wood. They also match with most furniture in your home making these the go to dining chair. 

Modrest Perret Dining Set 78779

Modrest Perret Large Black Brass Dining Set

The Modrest Perret Large Black Brass Dining Set is from the modrest premium collection so this dining set is made from the best solid Ash woods. This wood is only used with fine furniture, with solid brushed brass base this dining set is designed to last a long time.

Steele Solid Round White Marble Dining Set

Modern Marble Dining Table 

If you have been shopping around for a modern dining table then marble may be the last thing on your mind. However marble has been featured in a lot more styles of furniture lately and modern is one of them. When paired with a gold base a light marble top can look great, we carry dining sets from a number of different suppliers. Our new Lamod collection is good quality high end marble and will last you a long time. 

Simone Curved White Chair By Diamond Sofa

Modern White Chairs 

There are many different styles of modern white chairs, pictured above is one of our sherpa chairs. We have all styles from white and gold accent chairs to more casual leather chairs. If dining is what your looking for then white dining chairs go perfectly with a mid century modern dining table or gold base and glass top. 

Aiden Solid Pine Wood Dining Set

What Size Dining Set should I buy 

When it comes to buying a dining set one of the first things you should do is measure the room or the set. Its also good to decide how many chairs your going to need. We have some great Dining table set for 4 options like our small retro dining sets that are a little smaller perfect for a smaller dining room or apartment. If you have a little more room then a Dining table set for 6 would probably work out a little better for you. Allocating the correct amount of space for your dining set is important as you do not want to much furniture and not enough room to move around it. 

Sonoma rustic counterheight dining set

Rustic Dining Set 

Is your dining room looking a little outdated? Then maybe a Rustic dining table set could be a great option for you, this style has been getting more and more popular over the last couple years. These Rustic dining tables come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, some have fixed tops and some extend. When it comes to picking the material for your rustic dining set, the options are unlimited. Whether you desire marble, metal, or solid wood. However, there are a few things to consider before making such a significant investment. Some of the most popular style dining sets this year is a Counterheight Rustic Dining Set. Your table sits a little higher than the average table. Most dining sets in this style will feature a Live edge dining table giving them a more natural wood touch. 

Glass And Gold Dining Table

Glass And Gold Dining Table 

A glass and gold dining table brings together the textures of a metal base with a glass top. A clean gold base can give your home a real contemporary feel. The Barnard dining set pictured above comes with matching chairs, however you can purchase just the table. The Gold Table also goes great with some modern white chairs 

Sector Gold And White Dining Table

Modern Dining Set 

The days are gone where you would impress your guests with a formal dining room and a standard wood table. Instead people are leaning more towards a modern High gloss dining table with more color and pop. A modern dining table is designed with many different styles and woods. One of these styles is a Modern Glam Dining Set like our Barnard dining set by Acme furniture. Most of these dining sets come in a gold or silver design with crystal or chrome patterns. With our financing partners you can finance your furniture today with just $50 down. 

lowry white round kitchen table

What Shape Dining Set Should I Buy 

Whether you are looking for a round dining table set or a square dining table set we are here to help you choose. A good example of a small dining table would be our —— you can get smaller tables in different shapes and styles. A marble top dining table adds an intriguing decorative element that doesn’t compromise the modern feel to the room.