Extended Furniture Warranty

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Extended Furniture Warranty 

With most retail shifting to online shopping extended warranties are more popular than ever. When shopping with kfrooms we try to give you the highest level craftsmanship for the price you pay, but sometimes accidents do happen. If you are spending thousands of dollars on furniture it may be a good idea to purchase an extended warranty. We have now partnered with Guardsman and offer a fantastic 5 year extended warranty! We have listed some reasons you may need a to add a warranty to your order when checking out online. 

Accidental stains 

There is nothing worse than buying a nice new sofa and spilling a drink on it! Red wine stains along with lots of different foods and other drinks. Our extended warranty also covers all stains. This includes makeup, crayons, pizza sauce. You can always clean the furniture yourself, however that doest always work. Even if your dog decides to go to the bathroom on your new sofa we have you covered! 

Is A Warranty Worth it? 

Most of our furniture suppliers do not cover fabric rips and structural damage after the first 30 days of owning your furniture. Also Metal springs can bend and furniture can slowly start to look different when the day you purchased it. Whether its a smaller thing like a broken zipper or a bigger seam separation rip, with our extended warranty you wouldn’t have to worry. 

Furniture warranty for wine stain

Fabric chipping or cracking 

Furniture coverage also applies to wood-veneered or plastic-laminated tables and chairs. Your customers are protected from chipping, lifting, peeling, heat marks, and liquid watermarks. Therefore depending on the damage, an extended warranty provider will have the furniture repaired or replaced.

Leather repair

Why spend the extra money 

You should think of furniture as a necessary investment in your home. We purchase insurance for things in our lives, your spending thousands of dollars on this so why not have it covered as well. The main reason its worth spending the extra money is to protect your investment.  

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The Bottom Line 

We do not purchase furniture regularly but when we do we want it to last for many years. We want it to create the same feeling for years to come as the day it was delivered. Invest in our extended warranty and you will not be disappointed if you do make that accident one day.