Living Room & Dining Room Combos

Small apartment furniture

Miami & Los Angeles Apartment living 

If you live in an apartment / condo in Miam or Los Angeles there’s a high chance its open plan with a living room that connects to your kitchen. Combination living and dining rooms are perfectly suited for the way we live today where open plan spaces tend to dominate new builds and existing home renovations. Redisigning that living space can help create a flow in your mixed-use space. 

All white living room & dining room 

Sticking with an all white palette is a very popular option in Miami & Los Angeles. If the dining room is centered to allow maximum flow to the living room going with 2 shades of white looks great! 


Modern curved furniture 

Modern curved furniture with light whites and soft Grays work perfectly together and are easy to find something that match. An oval dining table has rounded corners that preserve the rooms flow. 

benton dining table set glam coaster109240-S5_21

Rustic cottage 

If modern isn’t for you why not go with a charming cottage rustic vibe. A light grey or beige sofa with some comfy accent pillows & a round wooden coffee table are the perfect combination for a fireplace. 

rustic cottage furniture

Warm & modern 

Bring both warm & modern together with comfy leather sofas & a rustic wood coffee table, you can then match the style wood with your dining table to bring it all together!

saturio brown leather sofa 55775

Cozy neutral furniture 

A simple white sofa with big comfy pillows paired with a matching rug goes perfectly with something rustic like our Tratha dining table & benches. The light warm wood tones and rustic homey furniture makes your place feel like home. 

Gwen3 pc set 511091,511092,903093 Coaster.

Matching chair legs with other accent furniture 

A great way to pair furniture is through the legs, lots of our collections can be paired together through the frame of the furniture. Matching legs & accessories scattered throughout the room create a sense of connection between the living spaces.


Here are some other living room dining combos

Make the Most of Your Living Room and Dining Room Combo