Easter Home Decorations

Easter Home Decorations 

1 ) If your having guests for diner they would love a thoughtful touch of their own. Use a single egg and etch the name on the side. See more info from this DIY hens nest place setting from Look what I made. 

Galvanized Tub Easter Decorations 

2 ) Bring a mini garden inside your home to liven up your living space. A great idea is to plant the garden in a galvanized tub for that trendy modern look. Its also a great hiding space when it comes to your home easter egg hunt. 

Easter Egg Nest 

3 ) A great substitute for the traditional easter wreath is this DIY Easter egg nest! Follow the steps from this Look what I made blog & you will have one up in no time.  

 See more info here – DIY Easter Nest 

Easter Dinner Egg holder 

4 ) When it comes to your family Easter dinner its the little things that make it different from your normal family dinner. A great idea is to transform the usual name card for this Paper egg holder. Check out this blog from Camille styles. 

5 ) A no-sew bunny banner is both affordable and the cutest addition to any room in your house.