Holiday Home Decor

Christmas Living room
Christmas accent chair fireplace

Holiday Home Decor

Pairing accent chairs with your Christmas tree and fireplace with the perfect holiday decor can bring your home together for the Holidays. Some of our mid century style chairs like our Fredricks and Teague compliment the cozy feel of a Christmas tree. 

Decorating the christmas tree

Decorating your Christmas tree 

Its important to place your Christmas tree in the right place in your home.  You want it to feel inviting and cozy when sitting around the tree. Remember to leave a welcoming space for opening gifts, preferably with a rug to sit on! 

Christmas Dining Table
Christmas Dining Table

Gathering around the dining table

Create your own Christmas Centerpiece with Holiday decorative items such as candles, garland, bows, ornaments etc. Our large rustic dining tables like our Live edge acacia wood table or Effuse rustic dining table are the perfect choice for the Holidays. 

Christmas Morning Furniture

Where will family stay?

During the Holidays we always have guests visit, if your short on room a great option is a sleeper sofa! You can have a sofa in a spare room or even have your main living room sofa with a hideaway mattress. Our Thelma sofa features a contemporary style with adjustable headrests for maximum comfort. In addition, the pull out sleeper provides extra convenience for unexpected guests.

Get your Living Room Picture Ready! 

We have a large selection of furniture to help get your living room ready for Christmas! Make the most of our black friday sale so you dont have to do everything last minute. Furniture from Coaster, Acme & more. We have our biggest price cuts of the year with free delivery and installation so you dont have to stress out with the boxes and installing your new furniture. Christmas is almost here! Happy Holidays from KFROOMS.