Storing & Organizing Your Holiday Decor

Storing & Organizing Your Holiday Decor

Its hard to believe Christmas is already over and we are beginning a new year. Its early January and usually this time of year its time to start taking down all your Christmas decorations. When storing fragile christmas ornaments we always end up breaking 1 or 2 before the next christmas arrives. Try storing them in a plastic storage tub. To save room you can use the Christmas blankets you use to weave in between the ornaments for extra security. Also if you happened to get some new glasses for your home they usually come packaged in the perfect box to store christmas ornaments in. You can also use plastic party cups to separate each ornament when placing them in the storage tub. 

decor storage in garage

Categorizing Your Storage Containers 

One of the best ways to store all your extra stuff away is simple storage bins from Home depot. Just make the initial investment and buy a lot of them up front to easily store Christmas decorations and much more. Its easy to start stacking stuff up in your garage, basement or attic but labeled storage bins make this process so much better. After living both ways Ive learned that when using storage spaces that are functional and organized the rest of the house runs a lot smoother. Its 100% worth it to go this route. If we you are storing away in your garage get a good size shelf to hold all your storage bins. If they are labeled you can easily grab whatever one you need without having to look inside. 

Christmas Blankets

Replace The Christmas Tree With A New Plant 

When Christmas time is over and your starting to take down your Christmas decorations your home always feels a little less full than it did before. Use this time to get a new plant or tree to sit in that place the Christmas tree has been the last month. A very popular item right now is a fiddle leaf Tree or a rubber wood tree, they go great with any mid century modern style home. 

fiddle leaf fig tree living room decor