Choosing the right mattress


Choosing The Right Mattress

If you are not getting a good nights sleep, you’re waking up with aches & pains. It may be time for a new mattress, if you sleep better in a hotel than your own bedroom thats a problem. Typically mattresses are just a flat fabric encasing filled with materials. We now carry the latest technology when it comes to getting the best nights sleep you can possibly get. The Diamond Sleep Experience let’s you reach deeper stages of restorative sleep, so you can enjoy the beauty of life.


Diamonds support system

Diamond’s patented zoned support system provides 25% more support where you need it most, while the individually wrapped coils relieve pressure and allow for undisturbed sleep. Dreaming improves memory retention up to 33%. Diamond’s unique combination Diamond Sparkle Foam and patented coils allows for deeper sleep, so you can remember what matters most.

120-night mattress trial 

Rest easy, we make it easy to test the most comfortable mattresses on the market in your own home! Diamond offers a 120-night trial period that starts once your Diamond mattress is delivered to your door. That said, not many Diamond users return their mattress, which makes us pretty confident that you’ll love yours too. But give one of our mattress a try and see for yourself. 

We make it easy for you to ease into your new Diamond mattress. Every body is unique and needs time to adapt to a brand-new surface, which is why we give you 120 nights to sleep on it. If it’s not a perfect fit, we’ll happily pick it up and pair you with a new mattress.

1. Mattress Removal – We’ll work with you to schedule a convenient time to pack up and remove the mattress, at no extra fee.

2. Recycling or Donation – Nothing we take back goes to waste. We recycle every returned product or donate it to a charity.

3. Your Money Back – You will receive a full refund of your original form of payment.

4. Qualifying Mattresses – 120 Night Trial applies to the Diamond Grateful, Intention, Faith, Transformation & Rally 2 mattresses. Legacy mattress models not listed on this website do not qualify. The sleep trial is limited to one (1) comfort exchange per customer. 

Better sleep means a better you

Its time to put sleep at the top of your to do list. Because better sleep means a better you. Lies we tell ourselves: Coffee is our best friend. We’ll catch up on sleep over the weekend. We’re tired but that’s life. Wrong, wrong, and more wrong. We’re here to talk about sleeping habits. Because better sleep means a better you.


Diamond mattresses contour

Combination foam & coils : Superior pressure relief, a hybrid design for a boost of balanced comfort. Diamond mattresses contour to your natural shape to help achieve a comfortable sleeping posture.
Hyper conductive foam regulates core temperatures for a natural sleep.
Coils provide breathability and additional comfort and support.

memory foam mattress diamond

Let’s talk about sleep, baby

You know the deal – Adults need an average of seven to nine hours of sleep a night to be their best functioning selves. But work, life, and good TV that comes on after 9pm can always get in the way of that. Here’s the thing: lack of sleep can affect your health, your weight, your memory, your mood, your happiness, your ability to drive, and the list goes on and on. Let’s change that. This year is about the Smarter You. And smart people sleep. Check out this great article from Theskimm for lots more info.

Pressure relieving gel

Pressure relieving gel memory foam memorizes your body type, weight and shape for a conforming fit in any position. The gel absorbs pressure and conforms the body to prevent tossing and turning. Adaptive material enhances blood circulation to allow muscles to recover more fully. Reduce motion between partners for less disturbance and deep sleep. 

memory foam mattress diamond

Extra padded edges 

Increase usable sleep surface by allowing you to sleep all the way to the edge without feeling like falling off. These mattresses create a better edge for entering, exiting and sitting on the side of the mattress. Reduce motion transfer between partners for less disturbance and deeper sleep. 


You’re probably not used to seeing this kind of lifelong commitment from a company, especially not online. We get that. But we don’t think that means that you shouldn’t get it from us. We also know that skeptics might think our warranty is “too good to be true” or that it’s undone “in the small print”. To happily prove them wrong, below is our entire diamond mattress warranty.