Walnut Bedroom Set

Eos Walnut Bedroom Set

Walnut Bedroom Set  

Walnut wood furniture is as sustainable as it is beautiful, this wood furniture has been gaining popularity in recent years. We like to keep up with current interior trends and a good quality walnut wood bedroom set is definitely one of them, this wood will last a long time and we have been adding more and more walnut furniture over the last couple years. 

Nova Domus Jagger Modern Dark Grey & Walnut Bed

Walnut Beds 

This wood is highly functional because its highly absorbable. This makes it harder to be damaged or dented making it a great choice for  Walnut bedroom furniture. It also means the furniture can be easily bent to make curved shapes, the detailed wood grain is also great for absorbing stains and paints. 

oberreit 25790Q bedroom set

Walnut Bedroom Furniture

When we visited High point market this year we noticed more furniture suppliers carrying Walnut bedroom sets than ever before. A good example of a quality walnut bed is our Madden natural walnut wood bed by Coaster furniture . 


Walnut Mid Century Modern Bed

One of the main styles of furniture made with walnut wood is mid Century modern. If you are shopping around for a Mid century modern walnut bedroom set then you have come to the right place. We have  Walnut bed frames in stock ready for delivery right away.