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With the Chelsie modern dresser you can store your belongings in style!  The sturdy dresser is a focal point on its own with its solid wood frame and tapered legs. Add depth and reflect light with its silver trim that is featured throughout the bed and case goods. The White or Black finish is excellent for adding a splash of color throughout your space without it clashing.


Choosing the right dresser for your bedroom

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We have a large selection of bedroom dressers to choose from. While your scrolling through our dressers be sure to select the style that best fits your bedroom, that way you can narrow down the dressers that fit your lifestyle. We have solid wood dressers from AcmeCoaster that matches your style such as casual, contemporary, glam, industrial, mid century, modern and Rustic. Check out our blog to see the difference between these styles.

Dresser color & material

All of our bedroom dressers are made from wood and then painted in a large selection of colors. Most of our Grako modern bedroom dressers are in a gloss white or black, we also have more contemporary colors like Gold, silver or Platinum. A very popular contemporary silver bedroom dresser is the Ramon bedroom chest Our more Rustic bedroom dressers are usually in a natural wood finish like our Weston collection. Our industrial Bedroom chests have a mixture of hard woods and industrial metals.

Dresser size

When choosing the right dresser for your bedroom, size is an important factor to keep in mind. If you live in a smaller apartment, something with more drawers and storage space is what your looking for. If you have plenty of space in your home than you may be better off with a dresser that has center shelves like our Devon dresser to display items or personal belongings. With our large inventory of dressers you will certainly find what you’re looking for.

Dresser style

All of our bedroom dressers can be sold individually, our more rustic solid wood dressers can match any style of bedroom.  If you have a modern contemporary style home then our gloss white dressers will fit your bedroom perfectly. Some of our more contemporary furniture has chrome and silver accents to bring a real modern feel to your bedroom such as the Voeville champagne gold dresser. A good solid wood dresser can last you a long time! When purchasing a dresser it is always important to keep in mind how long you want this furniture to last. Our higher end solid wood furniture will last you for years to come! Solid wood is easy to upgrade and sell once you want something new in your bedroom.

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If you live in Florida or California we have you covered! We deliver bedroom dressers directly from our warehouses located in Miami & Los Angeles. Therefor you can get 2 day deliver to all of south Florida including all of Miami up to fort Lauderdale, west palm beach, port St Lucie , Palm bay. We can deliver to Central Florida including orlando, lakeland, okoee, Kissimmee in 3-5 business days. The same goes for the west coast. We can deliver to Tampa, clearwater sarasota, fort Myers, cape coral and Naples in 3-5 business days.


If you live In California we can deliver to all of Los Angeles, Anaheim, riverside. All beach cities such as Santa Monica, Hermosa, Long beach, Torrance. Also Newport beach, Laguna and san Clemente in 2-3 business days. If you are located in So cal we can deliver in 3-4 days after you place your order. Thats Murrieta, Temecula , Vista, Escondido, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encintas, La Mesa, El cajon and San Diego all covered in 3-4 days!

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Chelsie Dresser
Chelsie modern dresser
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