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Bookcases On Sale

With our Bookcases you can display your favorite book collections anywhere in your home with our stylish bookshelves!Read more

Its not just books you can display on these shelves, display your favorite sports memorabilia music collections and collectibles. A bookcase is the perfect way to display your decor and bring your room together! 

Bookshelves On Sale

We have bookcases in all styles such as casual, contemporary, glam, industrial, mid century, modern and Rustic. Check out our blog to see the style difference. Lots of our bookshelves include additional decorative touches like buttons, crystals, nail heads etc. Your bookcase should complement the rest of your house, keep in mind the style woods that will match the style of your living room.  some are painted in a large selection of colors to match your home. More of our modern tv stands are finished in a gloss white or Black. The right bookcase decorated properly will bring out the rest of the furniture in your living room. Call our office if you have any questions and our team will be happy to assist you. 

Organizing your Bookcase

When displaying items on your bookcase its definately better to start of with the bigger items. Whether its a book or planter pot, placing the bigger items first and stagering them apart does 2 things. It seperates the bigger items so your bookshelves do not look to cluttered, this also makes it easier to place the smaller items in between. You can keep a clean look by going with one color or tone to work around, try to match your vases or smaller decor items and keep them in close shades. Try not to center each item with ample space in between.

What Can You Put on a Bookshelf

  • Photo Frames : One of the best items to store on a bookshelf is a photo frame. Its a great way to display your family or great memories and instantly makes your house feel more like a home. You can layer them on the bookshelve and create a depth perception and make the living space feel a little bigger.
  • Books : Another great way item to display on a bookshelve is the main obvious thing and thats books. No matter the style of book from paperback to hardcover, a collection of books can look great in your home. You can also display books that have meaning to you and stand for what you believe in, this makes your bookshelve feel alot more personal.
  • Artwork : Bookshelves do not have to hold just books, you can also display art work or pieces of art such as small decor items or plant pots. If you layer the artwork staggered with books you can create a great look for your living space. 
  • Baskets : A basket can be a great way to fill out the extra space on the lower shelves of the furniture. You can store items like blankets or table runners for yoour dining table.

Decorating Around Your Bookshelve

  • Background wall color : When decorating your bookshelve remember to not just think about what your storing in it and to consider whats around the outside of it. Starting with the color of the wall or wallpaper is a big part of styling your bookshelf. Try to makesure the colors go with each other and your bookcase does not stand out to much.
  • Paint your Bookshelve: Painting a bookshelve can be a great way of completely changing it to how you like. Whether its a new bookshelf you just purchased or an old one your renovating, a touch of paint can totaly change the look.


We now live in the days of technology and books are certainly not used as they once where. We are now in the digital age and books are being used less. Books are used in a different way now, a book shelve can be a great way of telling your story as a person. You can display books that make a bold statement about yoour life and show who you are.

Wooden Bookshelves

We have a few options with matching furniture, check out our dining set collections. We have matching bookcases and shelves. Our desks also have options with matching bookcases. 

Bookshelves in Miami

If you live in Florida or California we have you covered! We deliver bookcases and bookshelves directly from our warehouses located in Miami & Los Angeles. Therefor you can get 2 day deliver to all of south Florida including all of Miami up to fort Lauderdale, west palm beach, port St Lucie , Palm bay. We can deliver to Central Florida including orlando, lakeland, okoee, Kissimmee in 3-5 business days. The same goes for the west coast. We can deliver to Tampa, clearwater sarasota, fort Myers, cape coral and Naples in 3-5 business days.

Bookshelves in Los Angeles

If you live In California we can deliver to all of Los Angeles, Anaheim, riverside. All beach cities such as Santa Monica, Hermosa, Long beach, Torrance. Also Newport beach, Laguna and san Clemente in 2-3 business days. If you are located in So cal we can deliver in 3-4 days after you place your order. Thats Murrieta, Temecula , Vista, Escondido, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encintas, La Mesa, El cajon and San Diego all covered in 3-4 days!