White Queen Bed Frames You’ll Love This Year

A White queen bed frame can provide a clean crisp look to your bedroom. The bright finish will provide a calming tone to your room if paired with the right neutral shades. From some top sellers we have carried for years to fresh new white beds we just released ready for this year. Whether you are leaning towards more of a modern look or are trying to stay casual with something mid century modern, our list of white beds will help you make that decision. 









White Beds For Every Style & Room

If you are on the edge of buying a white bed, keep in mind that a white bed does not have to mean the entire room will be white. A white bed can be a blank canvas to then start decorating your bedroom around. You can accomplish a rustic look with a White wood bed or a contemporary look with a White velvet bed. The bed is the centerpiece to the room and is the starting point to the style you are going for. 

Kendall Queen White Velvet Bed

Queen White & Walnut Bed

A platform bed can provide adequate support for all mattresses. Without having lots of slats the mattress is supported a little better and will be a little more supported. The Modrest Amberlie white leather and Walnut bed features a solid wood frame with 14 center slats. This bed is upholstered in a White vegan leather with button tufting on the headboard. This bed is the ideal style and color for a clean modern look without going completely white. 

Modrest Amberlie White Leather & Walnut Bed

Is A White Queen Bed A Popular Choice?

A white queen bed is a popular choice among homeowners for several reasons. Firstly, the color white is a classic and timeless choice that can easily match any bedroom decor. This means that homeowners can change the look of their bedroom simply by changing the bedding or accessories, without having to worry about clashing with the bed frame.

light white bedroom set

A white bed can make your bedroom feel bigger

A white queen bed can make a small bedroom appear larger and more open. The color reflects light and creates a sense of spaciousness. Additionally, a white queen bed can make a room feel more airy and serene, which is perfect for a bedroom where you want to relax and unwind.Thirdly, a white queen bed is a versatile option that can be used in any style of bedroom. 

carolina white coaster bed 222871Q-S4_21

Different White Beds In Different Styles 

Whether you prefer a traditional, contemporary, or shabby chic style, a white queen bed can be easily incorporated. White queen beds can be paired with a variety of furniture pieces, such as nightstands, dressers, and armoires, to create a cohesive look in your bedroom. Lastly, white queen beds are relatively easy to maintain. The color white can be easily cleaned and does not show stains or marks as easily as darker colored beds. Additionally, white beds are often made of materials that are durable and resistant to scratches or dings, making them a great long-term investment for any bedroom.

bd00644q casilda queen bed

Contemporary White & Gold Bed

There is plenty of versatile options when it comes to white bedroom furniture. You may not think of Gold as an option but paired with the right wood furniture a White & Gold bed frame can look fantastic. The Gaines gloss white and gold bed is a glamorous and sophisticated bedroom option. This white bed features gold metal accents with clean diagonal lined design. These lines create a visual interest to the bed adding some stylish texture. 

Gaines White and gold bedroom set bd01034q_4

The Difference Between A Queen Size Bed & King Size Bed

 A king is much larger with 2 twin mattresses so if you want more room and have the space in your bedroom its always the better choice. Though a king size bed is a lot larger and seems to be more comfortable with more room they are not always ideal. A queen size bed can be a great choice if you are living in a smaller room or apartment. The best way to avoid any complications is to just measure everything over before purchasing. Keep in mind you may want some space for nightstands on either side of the bed.

celine white velvet queen bed MOD-6334-WHI_8

What size bed is most popular ? 

The most popular size bed is queen size.  A queen size bed is sold more in the United States than any other size bed. As we stated earlier the queen size bed can be the perfect size for a couple, without taking up too much room. The same goes for sleeping alone, the queen size bed is still very popular for single sleepers. You have plenty of room to move around and stretch, a twin mattress is just too small for adults. Here is the breakdown when it comes to buying a bed and mattress in the United States. 

 Queen size 42%

 Twin beds: 30%

 Full beds: 21%

 King beds: 7%

Flynn White Bedroom Furniture

White Queen Bed Frame Or White Queen Headboard?

Its always best to buy the entire queen bed frame instead of just a headboard. A solid wood frame will stay a lot more sturdy and keep your mattress wedged in a lot more than the standard set of bed rails. With a queen headboard you will have to insert metal frames that will hold the boxspring. This is great to save some money since you are not having to purchase the entire bed. The Queen headboard is also a great choice if its for a spare room and not going to be up very long, you can easily break down the rails and store the headboard somewhere. 

A Clean White Velvet Bed 

When it comes to buying a White bed frame in queen size, a velvet upholstery may be the last thing you are thinking of. In the past 5 years velvet has become a top upholstery for furniture. We have released some new velvet beds in the last year and we see this trend becoming more and more popular. Velvet is a strong upholstery thats easy to take care of and looks great in your home.

Olivia Velvet Platform Bed

Olivia Velvet Platform Bed By Modway Furniture

This bed features a glam deco vintage design with Gold frame legs. The upholstered headboard of this queen bed features a modern twist with classic channel tufting velvet design. The padded White queen headboard and side rails are upholstered in a soft stain resistant white velvet performance upholstery. Resting atop gold metal legs with non-marking caps, this platform bed frame is a sturdy mattress foundation with a wood slat support system that eliminates the need for a box spring and promotes healthy air circulation for memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses.

Barzini White Velvet Bed

Barzini Plush White Velvet Bed With Wingback Headboard

The Barzini plush white velvet bed will make a statement in your home if you are trying to go for a contemporary look. You will instantly achieve an elegant upgrade to your room. With this dramatic wingback headboard it will stand out and be the focal point of your bedroom. The nailhead trim on the sides of the headboard and crystal button tufted frame will bring a sleek look to any room. 

gaines Modern white nightstandbd01035

Pairing the right furniture with a White bed 

You want to start with your new White bed, once you have decided where its going in your room. Now you have started with the base of the room you can start to introduce other accent furniture around the room. You can either go with matching white bedroom furniture or go for something completely different to break up the room. The same white bed can create a completely different look when its paired with different furniture. 

Nova Domus Angela - Italian Modern White Eco Leather Bed

White Italian Eco Leather Bed 

One of the best upholsteries you can go with is a White leather Queen bed frame. If you are looking into leather upholsteries, you will start to notice Italian leather always comes first. The Nova domus Angela bed features a sleek modern frame upholstered in a bright White Eco Italian leather. With a shiny chrome modern italian design this bed is designed to stand out in your bedroom. The detailed horizontal lines of this Italian bed frame bring a very modern appeal to your bedroom. 

White LED Bed

Make Your Queen Bed Stand Out With Led Lights 

Led lights change the total mood and personality of the bedroom once they turn on. This sleek stylish look is the ultimate choice when it comes to modern furniture. A great option for a led bed would be our Felicity Led bed by Coaster Furniture. Enjoy a low profile frame queen bed in a white leather upholstery. Blue LED lighting that lights up from the outer trim of the headboard. This bedroom furniture has a glossy white finish with chrome square legs. 

Doris Vintage Top Grain Leather Bed

Top Grain White Leather Bed 

If a modern queen bed frame is not for you then you may be trying to stay in a more casual mid century modern style. Our Doris vintage top grain leather bed by Acme can fit in a number of different style rooms. This White leather bed can easily blend in well with an industrial or even beach style bedroom. The headboard features horizontal channel tufting from either side, the perfect headboard to lean on when you are sitting up. 

White Bedding White Queen Bed

What Bedding Goes With A White Bed Frame?

A White bed frame goes great with a number of different bedding styles. Since white is such a neutral color you can blend a number of different colors and patterns with it. A white bed frame is the best place to start when designing your new bedroom. There are hundreds of different ways you can go when it comes to the bedding with endless possibilities, especially with a white bed. 

Perse white bed BD00548Q

White Queen Bed With Storage 

We spend a lot of our times in our bed so its important to think of everything before you buy one. A headboard can be used for multiple things and one of them is storage. Our Perse White queen bed features a display headboard with a sleek modern and functional design. The low profile leaves room to display various goods such as books, decor, plants etc. 

Modrest Destiny White Sherpa Bed delivery and assembly

The Final Conclusion 

In conclusion, a white queen bed is a great choice for any homeowner looking for a classic, timeless, and versatile option for their bedroom. Whether you’re looking to make a small room appear larger, create a serene and relaxing space, or simply match any decor style, a white queen bed is a perfect fit. Additionally, white queen beds are easy to maintain and a great long-term investment