Farmhouse Furniture

Rustic Wood Headboard

Farmhouse Furniture  

Have you been in love with farmhouse furniture style furniture lately? If you are looking for the perfect blend of rustic and cozy farmhouse chic has become more and more popular. Therefore we have noticed more and more articles towards rustic farmhouse style furniture, we have some options to help you make your decision. 

Farmhouse Dresser

merrilee acme dresser

Farmhouse living room furniture 

Farmhouse style is the interior design style that brings practicality and rustic charm together, while it tends to reflect a rural architecture it can still create a look that feels cozy. Here are some sofas that also blend in perfectly with the furniture style. 

Montana Italian Cognac 100% Leather Modular Sofa

Montana Sectional Sofa By Primative Collections 

The Montana Italian Cognac 100% Leather Modular Sofa has an exeption modular design that lets you create an intimate conversation area or an expansive seating arrangement. The armless piece may be used to fill in space between the corner pieces. The corner piece may also be used on either side to bookend your armless pieces. Distinguished by its top grain leather and generous dimensions, this sectional makes a true statement. The ottoman may be used as a stand alone piece or pushed up against another piece to also create a leg rest.

Top Grain Leather Cooper Sofa

Cooper Cognac Leather Sofa By Primitive 

The Cooper top grain leather sofa set is the ultra modern design for the true modernist. Features 100% top grain leather in cognac & onyx. Built on a solid engineered steel frame, the couch features track arms with tight seat and back cushions to create a streamlined silhouette. The genuine top-grain-leather upholstery is also foam-filled for superior comfort. The exposed seams give this sofa a rustic look. Check out our matching chair to complete your look.

Rustic Wood Bedroom Furniture

Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture 

Farmhouse style bedroom furniture has gained popularity over the years, its practical but still flourishes with a weathered rustic look. When it comes to farmhouse bedroom furniture we also have a great selection of beds, dressers and more to choose from. 

Hadley Mahogany Bed

Farmhouse Rustic Bed 

Townsend Panel Bed

Farmhouse Style Furniture

We carry the best of the best when it comes to farmhouse style furniture. All lines are on our website from cheaper furniture you can save some money with, to high end solid rustic wood furniture. If you are looking for the perfect place to furnish your new home look no further. We also carry all other styles of farmhouse style furniture. 

Hestia Wood Bed

Modern Farmhouse 

You can mix and match new furniture with more vintage rustic style furniture but that does not mean you you cant go modern with rustic style furniture. You can also mix and match more natural elements like wood with newer stainless steels. 

Juvanth Industrial Bed

Coastal Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture 

If you have been looking through Pottery barn and other similar stores then you may be thinking about going for more of a coastal farmhouse feel. With a mix of solid light woods, accent green leaves & the right decor the following pieces of furniture will go perfectly with your style. 

Divani Casa Lenon

Farmhouse style Ideas 

When your decorating and looking for new ideas you can use our blogs to help you. Farmhouse color palettes tend to be simple and natural including warm neutral colors and each tones. From there you can also incorporate for rustic decor and accent furniture.