Furniture Styles For 2022

Furniture Styles For 2022

One of the most exciting things about the new year starting is seeing the new trends it brings. This year we will be attending the big furniture show in Las Vegas and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2022. Fortunately this year there is no shortage of styles and trends. Its always to design a space in a way that feels comfortable to you, new trends are a great way to jazz up your room and make the home you have been living in for years feel new. As living room furniture goes in 2022 there are plenty of new updated colors and patterns we will be introducing. 

Vintage Furniture 

Vintage style furniture has been getting more and more popular the last few years, matched with mid century modern pieces is the way to go. You can also repurpose older furniture and decor pieces to go with your newer big pieces. We have a great selection of vintage style furniture to choose from and this summer we will be releasing even more. 

flynn acorn solid wood bedroom set

Flynn Mid Century Solid Pine Wood Bedroom Set 

The Flynn collection features the classic lines of Mid-Century Modern furniture that never goes out of style. Its sturdy frames are built to last, constructed of sustainably sourced solid Mahogany to ensure a lifetime of use. The case pieces provide a roomy storage solution and make it easy to create a cohesive decorating style or mix and match for a more personalized look. Available in an Acorn (Brown) or White finish.

Dining Set


Whether its a bright mid century modern sofa or a more modern white sectional the staples from the last 5 years are definitely still in style. Even those who lean towards minimal colors and textures you will appreciate the new bright pieces from Modway Furniture that will be releasing later this year. 

Guest Bedroom


Its always been popular to bring nice plants and small trees inside your home, however you will start to notice now more than ever so many furniture and decor stores are using  greenery from outside inside. They go perfectly with natural lighting and give a nice ventilation and calm feel to your home. You can also create more of a visual connection with nature and thats really important these days since people are spending more and more time at home. This year we will be seeing large trees in kitchens and living rooms that these days you can even buy online like on .The same goes for oversized planters in ceramic and concrete patterns.

Round & Retro

Modern sharp sleek furniture will always be popular however we are starting to see less square and more round edged furniture. We have always had a big love affair with that round retro style and its certainly going to be sticking around this year. We have a great selection of rounded furniture in these trends and will also be releasing even more in April May when our new 2022 inventory will be arriving. 

Indicate sofa Tan Leather EEI-5151-TAN


Minimalism style is having a major comeback, this does not just mean colors and less stuff. This includes rooms that can double as more than just one space and people are starting to downsize and live with less stuff. Especially after the last few years, we are using our homes as more creative living spaces and making areas more multifunctional. In order to accomplish this you do need the space and these office / workout home spaces are getting more and more popular. We have some great desks you can work at home with and still have the room for plenty more activities.