Types Of Leather Upholstery

Macadamia Cognac Top Grain 100% Italian Leather Sectiona

Types Of Leather Upholstery

Leather furniture has many different types of leather upholstery that are created using different processes. This is what makes the different finish and look, the quality of the leather and how its cleaned. Also when it comes to living room furniture its hard to beat the timeless appeal of a leather sofa. A good quality leather sofa only gets better with time. 

family leather sofa

Great Options That Fit Your Needs

The longest lasting sofas are the ones made with quality in mind. They are a little more costly but if you make the right choice it can last you decades. Whether your ready to invest in furniture that will stand the test of time or your looking for a more budget friendly sofa we have a lot of good options that will fit your needs. From modern style sofas to more mid century sofas we have some great picks. We will break down the differences between our upholsteries and some good options in that upholstery. 

top grain brown leather sofa set
Cognac Leather Sectional Sofa

Leaton Top Grain Leather Sofa Set By Coaster 

  • Beautifully mottled top grain brown leather upholstery
  • High back frame for added comfort and support
  • Thin track arms with broken front arm panels, detailed with small individually hammered antique brass nailheads
  • Medium antique brass naiilheads frame inside top back
  • Tailored boxed seat and back cushions trimmed and framed with self welt
  • Tall tapered solid hardwood legs in espresso
top grain leather sofa

Top grain leather Upholstery 

Real Leather brings elegance to a room that never goes out of style. Top grain leather comes form the top premium layer of cowhide. This upholstery is the least processed and most natural leather we sell. Also the highest quality leather we offer. The sofas with this upholstery are high end leather that is a little more pricey than other types of leather but its worth every penny. Therefore top grain leather is remarkably durable and will offer many years of comfort. Leather is 4 times more durable than fabric making it the perfect choice for parents or pet owners. 

Lamruil Sofa Set

Lamruil Leather Reclining Sofa 

With the Lamruil living room set top grain leather fully covers all possible contact area, creating an extremely soft and luxurious outer surface. The sofa also features pillow top armrests and pocket-coils in the seat cushion that deliver durable and dynamic support. Brilliant lifting function can easily be adjusted to allow the recliner to conform to your shape and leave you feeling relaxed. Cushion covers are easily removable for cleaning. Combining luxury, comfort and functionality, Lamruil Motion Sofa is the perfect addition to any living room.

  • Tight Back & Seat Cushion
  • Pocket Coil Seat
  • Set includes:
  • Material: Wood(Pine), Plywood, Top Grain Leather, Foam
  • Finish: Gray Top Grain Leather
Leather sofa

Why Top Grain Leather Stands Above The Rest 

Because its the highest quality leather its also the priciest. When considering price its important to remember this leather sofa will last you years to come. You could also own 3 to 5 fabric sofas in the life time of a good quality leather sofa. Since this furniture can be a part of your home for over a decade, its important to note that it ages beautifully. Therefore the less the leather is processed the better its patina and finish will be. 

top grain leather sofa

The Great Thing About Top Grain Leather

Because no two hides are the same each piece of leather has its own characteristics. The great thing about a top grain leather sofa is they can actually get better over time. With this upholstery the patina only increases the beauty and feel of the product. In addition when the leather is dyed the color is properly absorbed into the material. It will not fade and scuffs and war retain the color.

Macadamia Cognac Leather Sofa 

Macadamia cognac leather sofa set features modern elegance crafted with the fine details of European Italian styling. Top grain leather is featured throughout this classic sofa design. The Macadamia sofa is robust with solid wood construction and flared legs. Our Macadamia leather collection also features extra padded seat cushions, modern arms and double padded frame for superior comfort. This is a classic design that will last for many years. Features a solid wood frame and solid wood legs.

  • Top grain Italian leather upholstery
  • Extra padded frame for superior comfort
  • Padded seat cushions
  • Detailed stitching
Brown Leather Sofa

Boardmead Leather Sofa Set 

  • 100% Top grain brown leather upholstery
  • Classic clean lines are apparent with this timeless track arm in dark brown upholstery
  • Boxed seat and back cushions with top stitch detailing
  • Premium eco friendly down alternative wrapped seat and back cushions for extra comfort
  • wide solid hardwood legs in black complement the width of the arms
cognac leather sofa

Its not just Luxury 

Its not just the luxurious look and feel of the sofa. A top grain leather sofa can be practical too. Its the perfect choice for pet owners and allergy sufferers. A real leather sofa is naturally breathable and pet dander and other allergens cant cling to it. This upholstery is easy to take care of when properly maintained. It just needs a regular wiping with a clean damp cloth. Ideally its a good idea to give the sofa a basic treatment a couple times a year with a simple leather conditioner. Therfore this will also help to prevent stains in the future. 

Roma Cognac Leather Sofa

Roma Cognac Leather Sofa 

The roma italian cognac 100% leather sofa features modern elegance crafted with the fine details of European Italian styling. The Roma leather collection also features tufted seat cushions, modern arms and matching neck roll pillows. This is a classic design that will last for many years. Features a steel frame and solid wood legs.

  • Top grain Italian leather upholstery
  • Tufted seat cushions
  • Bolster pillows included
  • Detailed button tufted stitching
Brown Leather Sofa

Leathaire Uphostery 

Leathaire can be a great choice if your living in a warmer state like Florida or California. A Leathaire upholstered sofa is also the fabric that is designed to breathe better than other fake leather products. Our Leathaire sofas also have a myriad of tiny little holes punched into the fabric to let the material breathe better. Therefore you will not get that sticky feeling or that cold vinyl feel like you do with other faux lather products. Its designed to mimic real leather in every way possible. Therefore Its almost as strong as real leather and as soft as leather once properly broken in after a couple months. 

610201P Flamenco Brown Leather Sofa Set

Flamenco Reclining Sofa Set By Coaster

Wrapped entirely in a performance leatherette and complete with a diamond stitched pattern, this motion sofa set lend a handsome vibe to any living room. Beneath the breathable faux leather material is a cooling gel memory foam topper. In addition, a space-saving and convenient wall hugger mechanism allows you to kick back and relax without a care or worry. Plus, sofa and loveseat come with the extra convenience of a drop down table or a center console, with two stainless steel cup holders to keep a cold refreshment nearby. Therefore this sofa features plush arm rests and headrests that offer ultimate comfort.

Harumi reclining living room set Acme Furniture

Harumi Reclining Sofa By Acme 

The Harumi power reclining sofa group does not hold back when it comes to contemporary style. This beautiful set features leather-aire upholstery, horizontal tufting, and USB charging ports. In addition the touch power means infinite ways to recline in style. Its deep, comfy seat and padded arms give it an incredible sink-right-in quality thats perfect for the whole family.


cognac leather sofa back

This cool breathable finish could be what your looking for 

Different living situations can damage a leathaire sofa. Every owners experience is different depending on the way you treat your furniture. If you have a pet that likes to jump on the sofa a leathaire sofa could be the wrong choice for you. The claws will do damage over time so its important to keep this in mind. Therefore you want to decide what works better for you, if you live in Miami or Los Angeles where you get them hot summers it still can be a great choice. They may not be as durable as top grain leather but if you come in from a hot day its nice to sit on a cool sofa thats also not going to get hot and sticky. 

imogen sectional sofa 54810

Imogen Reclining Sofa 

The Imogen power reclining sectional sofa doesn’t hold back when it comes to contemporary style. In addition this beautiful piece features leather-aire upholstery, detailed tufting, and USB charging ports. One touch power means infinite ways to recline in style. Its quality and durability will guarantee your enjoyment perfectly.

  • L Shape
  • 2 Reclining Seats
  • 3 Stationary Seats
  • Tight Back & Seat Cushion
  • Pillow Top Armrest
  • Console with Storage & Cup-Holder

Its not top grain but your still getting your moneys worth 

Many of our customers have had great results with leathaire fabrics and they have lasted a long time. Now of course they are not going to last as long as top grain leather but your still going to get your moneys worth. Therefore paying the extra money up front for a real leather or leathaire sofa will end up saving you money down the road.

Leather sofa

Bonded Leather 

Bonded leather is a mix of both real and fake leather. It is made from the leftover scraps and fibers made from processing genuine leather mixed with a binder. They then get these fibers and roll them together using adhesive to bond them. Most bonded leather is comprised of 20% genuine leather. 

Zesta white sectional sofa

Zesta Leather Sectional Sofa

The Zesta sectional sofa also features a stylish curved frame. Adjusting headrests and extra large chaise. Bonded leather upholstery with chrome accent legs.

Available in White or Grey

Brown Leather sofa

 Pros & Cons 

When choosing bonded leather its good to weigh out the pros and cons so you know what to expect. 

Pros : 

1 ) It has a smooth texture over the whole sofa unlike genuine leather that has imperfections. 

2 ) It can smell more like genuine leather than a faux leather as it actually has a percentage of real leather. 

3 ) Its cheaper than genuine leather

 4 ) Bonded leather comes in a variety of colors and styles as its easy to work with. 

Cons : 

1 ) Bonded leather can be hard to clean, some cleaners will be abrasive and strip away the finish over time. 

2 ) The color can also fade in the sunlight if you have the sofa sitting by the window. 

3 ) Bonded leather is not as durable as genuine leather and has a shorter lifespan. 

4 ) Its not a vegan product. If you are looking for something completely vegan then a better choice would be faux or vegan leather. 

506553 finley black leatherette living room set

Finley Sofa Set By Coaster

The Finley features a stylish stationary sofa collection that is perfect for small spaces.

  • Soft, breathable, black leatherette upholstery
  • Black leatherette upholstery
  • Ultra plush headrest and armrest
  • Subtle tufting on backrest for added style
  • Durable kiln dried hardwood frame
  • Cushions: back and seat cushions reversible
  • Pocket coil springs construction for comfort and durability
  • Sinuous spring deck allows for a sturdy and long lasting seating
  • Fully encased solid wood frame made for stability and heavy use
Brown sectional sofa

The main difference between leather and PU 

Vegan leather also known as pu leather is an artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer. 100% Vegan meaning there is no animals harmed in this furniture. The main difference between leather and vegan leather is obviously cost. Pu leather will generally be a lot cheaper than genuine leather because its easier to produce. Like bonded leather its also nice to get a completely even smooth finish. 

Aashi motion sofa 55370 55371 55372

Aashi Reclining Sofa Set By Acme

The Aashi reclining sofa set is upholstered in soft leather-gel match in an unusual yet subtle navy color. Horizontal tufting on the backrest cushion add some style to this piece, while the pillow top armrests ensure total comfort when you nestle into the pocket coil seats. In addition this sofa brings home the relaxing Aashi motion sofa, and get ready to lean back and relax.

Valour Cognac Vegan Leather Sofa

Valour Sofa By Modway 

With our Valour tan faux leather sofa you can Update your home or apartment with mid-century style and modern-day convenience. This comfortable living room sofa features a tailored profile with elegant biscuit tufting and two bolster pillows. Covered in smooth faux leather upholstery, Valour has dense foam padding, an innerspring pocket structure, and sinuous spring support for a comprehensive seating experience. the luxe modern sofa also comes with walnut-stained wood legs with non-marking foot caps.

Whats best for you? 

The bottom line is if you are someone looking for a cheaper option and something that comes in a variety of colors faux leather is a great option for you. Pu leather is made by applying or laminating a 100% polyurethane finish to a base material. A roller also applies an artificial grain pattern to the surface to give a more genuine leather look.