Leather vs Fabric

Leather vs Fabric

Leather Vs Fabric

Sofa shopping can be a daunting task, we have hundreds of sofas to choose from so you may be looking through thinking what kind of style do I want. When it comes to Leather vs Fabric One of the main questions you should ask yourself is what one works bst for me. Both fabric and leather sofas have their positive and negative characteristics. We have created a list to help make that decision a little easier. Rather than following someone else’s opinion its best to look at the benefits of each material. Assess your family’s needs and habits, then allow yourself a little time to find just the right piece.

lane cream and gold sofa

Sofa Comfort 

Fabric sofas are usually a little more comfortable than a leather sofa for several reasons. The feel of a fabric sofa varies widely on the fabric itself and the base of the sofa. Fabric couches tend to be a softer and warmer material than leather. Leather sofas can feel hot and sticky in the summer, especially in Miami or Los Angeles. The same for them colder evenings, a leather sofa doesn’t feel as welcoming when the leather is cold to the touch. Because fabric is generally softer than leather it can feel a little more broken in than a new firm leather sofa. 

Roma Cognac Leather Sofa

Cleaning Your Sofa

The wear and tear on fabric sofas most often depend on the grade of fabric, just like leather a higher quality fabric will withstand wear better and last a long time.  A great quality fabric sofa is our Avonlea sofa set  by Coaster furniture   the same goes for leather, a bonded leather sofa is not going to last as long as a high quality top grain leather sofa like our Roma top grain Italian leather sofa. Most of our fabric sofas are treated with a stain-resistant finish making it easier to clean with cleaning products or a steamer. Fabric tends to handle pet claws and kids a little better than leather. 

Kyrene Light Grey Sofa Set

Cost Of Your Sofa

A fabric sofa is usually less expensive than a leather sofa, you will notice when scrolling through our sofas a lot of the time we sell the same sofa in fabric or leather and leather will always cost more.  Especially in 2021 after covid the cost of leather has gone up tremendously making leather sofas the most expensive. We do have some great alternative leather options like our Harumi reclining sofa by Acme furniture. 

chaviano white leather sofa 505391

Leather Sofa Benefits

If you are thinking about buying a leather sofa you have have probably been drawn to the look, feel and cleanliness of a leather sofa. If you want the look of a leather sofa but do not want to part with thousands of dollars a good option would be a bonded leather sofa. We have some great options at affordable prices. Our Flamenco Reclining Leather Sofa Set  is a great option without breaking the bank. 

Macadamia light Gray Sectional Sofa

Leather Or Fabric Appearance 

If you suffer from allergies a leather sofa can be a great option for you. Leather doesn’t harbor dust mites, pet hair and other allergens as easily as fabric. A leather sofa can bring elegance to a room that you just cant do with a fabric sofa. Leather sofas are typically more trendy and modern than the average fabric sofa. If you are into mid century modern or a contemporary look its a lot easier to find that with a leather sofa. 

Conrad reclining sofa and loveseat Coaster 650354-S2


A leather sofa usually just requires a light dusting or rubdown whereas fabric needs to be properly vacuumed and cleaned every week. Top grain leather is durable and can last for years to come, we do suggest using a leather conditioner to prevent cracks and splits.