Put Your Refund To Use This Tax Season

Put your refund to use this tax season

Put your refund to use this tax season! Are you still waiting for this year’s tax refund to hit your bank account? Or maybe you haven’t even filed your 2021 taxes yet. It’s okay, you still have time! However, you’ve probably already started spending that money in your head. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the things you want right now rather than waiting until the money arrives from Uncle Sam? Guess what? You can!


With Acima’s No Credit Needed payment option, you can shop on our website and get up to 12 months to pay for your purchase. There’s no need to wait until your tax refund gets here; you can get the furniture you’ve been dreaming about.

We have thousands of products to choose from, here is a few of our most popular sectional sofas that we have in stock available for tax season. 

charlotte 551221_551222_551223_721247_721248_970222
Gray Modular Cloud Sectional Sofa

Serene Sectional Sofa 551324 551325 551326

Serene Beige Cloud Modular Sectional Sofa

Serene Sectional Sofa 551321 551322 551323


Since the pandemic started last year its safe to say that the furniture industry was hit hard, we are now recovering and starting to have lots of furniture back in stock. 

Now that our warehouse is full again, you can pay just $50 down and get your furniture within 5 days after you place your order. 

We have released some new sofa sets this year just in time for tax season. 

509514 coaster gano sofa

Gano Blue Sofa Set 509514 509515 509516 

Wixom Power Electric Reclining Sofa 603511

Corliss beige chenille sofa set, 508821,508822,508823

Corliss Contemporary Sofa Set 508821 508822 508823

509211 Chalet blue velvet sofa

Chalet Blue Sofa Set  509211 509213 509214


Its not just living room furniture, most bedroom furniture is starting to ship in. Right now is a great time to finance furniture as you can use the 90 day pay of option to get your furniture today and pay it off with your tax return. This way you will pay no interest! You could have that bedroom furniture you have wanted by the end of the week with just a $50 down payment & following monthly payments.

Barzini White Velvet Bed

Barzini White Velvet Bedroom Set 


Madden Bedroom Set 223250 223253 223254 223255 223256

27320Q vidalia acme bedroom

Vidalia Rustic Gray Bedroom Set 7320q 27323 27324 27325 

platinum silver bedroom set 204181

Platinum Bedroom Set 204181q 204182 204183

Beds With Free Delivery To Miami And Los Angeles   

Once you’ve made your initial payment on our website, future payments will be automatically deducted from your checking account. The financing companies we are partnered with are happy to work with you to choose the most convenient payment schedule. For example, you can choose from weekly, bi-weekly, twice monthly, or monthly payment schedules, and you can align the due dates with your paydays. Theres a number of ways you can get the bed you have been looking for now. 

These beds are available for tax season with free delivery to all of Miami and Los Angeles. 

robyn mid century coaster bed 205131KE_21

Robyn Mid Century Bed 205131 by Coaster 

Benicia bed 300705

deanna grey velvet upholstery bed 205101

Deanna Gray Velvet Bed 205101

charity bed 300626 coaster beds

Charity Blue Mid Century Bed 300626


Your dining room is where family and friends come together to enjoy food and good times. We make the most of your budget, whether you have good credit or you’re building credit. You can mix and match any of our dining sets, switch out any chairs with any table. You can always call our office and we can offer you some recommendations.

The following dining sets were very popular last year, we have also added some new collections we released this year. 

Bridgeport Retro Dining Set 106592 109628

Webber Dining Set 107561

conway modern coaster dining set 191991-S5_21

Conway Dining Set 191991 191992

Accent furniture Rugs And More 

Shopping for the right rug online can often feel overwhelming. You need to know what size rug you’re looking for, which materials would be best for your lifestyle and habits, and how big of a budget you have to spend. We have a great selection of patterns and colors to choose from, we are releasing these in April 2021. We also have some great decor options to fill that extra space in your home.