Furniture Delivery In Brickell

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Furniture Delivery In Brickell 

Brickell is also known as “ the Manhattan of the south” it has the second largest financial district of the united states. Brickell’s high concentration of international banks are mostly focused on wealth and investment banking. At the same time many other national banks are opening offices in Miami to function as their hub of the Americas. All of this has made Miami a more attractive job market for young professionals who mostly choose Brickell as their preferred residence. 

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Downtown Miami Lifestyle

When people are asked why they moved to Brickell when you have so many choices in Miami. Their answers will mostly be the same, “ because I can live, work and have the option to so many restaurants and entertainment without having to drive anywhere. If you do decide to drive everything is so close! The beaches are right across the bridge and you are so close to coral gables & coconut grove. 

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Apartments in Brickell 

When living in the city its very common to live in a small apartment or condo. You are forced to decorate around practicality, this doesn’t mean you cant keep it stylish. Our sleeper sectional sofas can be the perfect fit if you do not have an extra bedroom. Most condos in Brickell have a kitchen bar or a smaller dining area, we have a great selection of bar stools and dining sets to choose from. When purchasing your patio furniture & designing your outdoor space you want to identify the furniture style you want to go with. We have everything from Modern modular patio sets to more Acacia wood dining sets.  Use our side bar to help you narrow your choice down when searching. The patio or balcony can be your personal space of fresh air, the place in your home to enjoy reading, napping or relaxing in the sun. 


Moving to Brickell 

Brickell is the fastest growing destination in the country! Heres is a great article from forbes with six reasons everyone is moving to Miamis Brickell. 

6 reasons to move to Brickell 


Enjoying your balcony in Brickell 

When living in Brickell You know how relaxing it is sitting out there on our warm breezy evening, enjoying a refreshing drink. We have all styles of patio furniture to use outside, from dining sets to sofas we have it all. If your outside living space is situated in the sun then a great choice would be one of our sun beds, some even have storage under to save room on your balcony. We have smaller size all weather resistant dining sets so you can enjoy your dinner on your balcony! 

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Becoming family friendly 

Slowly but surely There are more places and events for children. A lot of the new buildings include preschools. It’s a safe environment for kids, which is very important to a parent. And they get to grow up in an urban neighborhood that has the feeling of a community.” The idea of raising a family in the downtown urban core — with its high-rise living, stop-and-go traffic and adult-oriented entertainment such as nightclubs and restaurants — might have seemed nutty as recently as a decade ago. But a new study by the Miami Downtown Development Authority, which uses data from the U.S. Census, shows the population in Greater Downtown Miami has hit an all-time high of 92,235 — a 65 percent jump from 2000-2010 and another 38 percent increase from 2010-2018.

Furniture stores in Brickell 

There are a few furniture stores in downtown Miami, usually purchasing furniture in the city is going to cost you more. However we have a great selection of furniture that can be delivered to your home within 2 days at fantastic prices ! Our warehouse is located in Miramar just outside of downtown. We are very familiar with most buildings in Downtown miami & brickell. Our delivery team is delivering furniture in downtown miami every day, If your condo building requires a copy of insurance we can send that to you before we arrive.