Small Space Living

small apartment

Small Space Living 

When living in the city its very common to live in a small apartment or condo. You are forced to decorate around practicality, this doesn’t mean you cant keep it stylish. Here are 6 tips for decorating in a small living space. 

bar table and bar stools

1 ) Use Multipurpose Furniture

If your saving dining room space why not make the most of your kitchen counter by using bar stools, we also have smaller  breakfast or bar tables that work great in apartments. 

adjustable sofa

Having a guest room is probably not an option if you are pressed for living space. Try to find a decent sized pullout couch or adjustable sofa for potential visitors. 

bike rack

2 ) Decorating your walls 

The entry way wall is often overlooked for extra storage, you can hang bikes, boards, storage shelves along the wall to save room. 

small apatment wall

3 ) Mirrors 

Mirrors are one of the best ways to make a room feel larger than it actually is. Adding a large wall or floor mirror creates the illusion that the space has a lot more room. 

natural light apartment

4 ) Natural light 

Its important to have good lighting when living in a small space. It will help your home feel a lot more open and livable. If you do not have much natural light in your apartment try it incorporate more into your home with floor lamps or table lighting for extra ambiance. 

add color to your apartment

5 ) Color & Balance 

Try to avoid making a smaller room all the same color, its best to add a splash of your favorite bright shade on the wall to create more balance and make the room feel less small. 

6 ) Creating a focal area 

Its important to have a focal point in a small living space. Having a lot small objects around a room with no focal point can make your home feel cluttered. Its important to have one main piece or wall feature to work around.