Designing Your Outdoor Living Space

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Designing Your Outdoor Living Space

When purchasing your patio furniture & designing your outdoor space you want to identify the furniture style you want to go with. We have everything from modern patio sectionals to more coastal Acacia wood dining sets. Use our side bar to help you narrow your choice down when searching. The patio or balcony can be your personal space of fresh air, the place in your home to enjoy reading, napping or relaxing in the sun. 

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Relaxing outside 

We have lived in the east and west coast, Miami & LA. One of our favorite things about these 2 places is the weather! When sitting outside reading a book or just relaxing you want to do it in comfort.  A perfect example would be our Carmel lounge sectional, this sofa is modular so you can build it however big you like. If you have a balcony or just limited outdoor space a great little set up is our Salena sun loungers set. It comes with 2 chairs & a center raising table. Its super convenient & the small ottomans can be placed to the sides when your not using them. 

Eating on new patio furniture

A warm summer evening is the perfect time for your family to gather around the table and eat outside! Its good to sit outside & change it up from the usual routine. It also makes it way easier to keep them usual distractions away and spend quality time as a family. If its just a small area or a table for 2 you need, we have lots to choose from. A great option for a balcony is a small folding bistro set, you can eat your meal then conveniently fold it and rest it on the wall. One of the easiest ways to transform your patio is with a decorative rug, all though they are pricey it may be wise to get an all weather resistant rug for your outdoor living space. That tropical rain in Miami can destroy an outdoor rug in one season. Our all weather resistant Acacia wood dining sets are a nice change from the usual patio dining set options. We also carry high end modern patio furniture, from gloss white dining sets to concrete patio sectionals. 

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Laying in the sunshine 

Having great weather most of the year means you can pretty much lay in the sun every day. Whether its pool side or on a balcony we have a good selection of sun loungers. Our modern sun loungers are a good choice for that modern white Miami touch. We also have solid acacia wood sun loungers with all weather resistant pillows. If you have more space and you want something that makes you feel like your in a resort in your own back yard. A perfect resort style sun lounger is our Renava Marin canopy sunbed. All of our patio furniture is all weather resistant, so you can leave it outside in the rain or sit on it while your wet from the pool. If you can its still best to give them a scotch guard covering for a extra stain resistant finish. 

renava marin outdoor canopy sunbed
miami balcony furniture

When storms are approaching, those winds can pick up. On a windy night in Miami, your patio pillows can easily be blown away to never be seen again! We have a few different options for patio storage. You can store your pillows and extra balcony decor before the storms come. They also work out great for a pool side or back yard storage bin.

Outdoor Fire Pit 

On a cooler night you may want to cozy it up a little with a nice outdoor fire pit. A great option is a gas powered fire pit table. You can sit around the fire pit and extend your patio use later into the year. This is especially useful in California on them colder evenings. 

Patio Firepit