Mid Century Modern Tv Stands We Love

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Modern Mid Century TV Stands

Our modern mid century tv stands come in all shapes & sizes in different colors and styles. Your other furniture may be a priority when it comes to designing your home but  Choosing the right table to hold your tv can be a great way to change your living room style without  spending too much money. You can keep your home in the mid century style with tapered legs that slightly angle outwards from the frame. 

Light Wood TV Stand 

 If your looking to update your living room, then a light wood tv stand is a easy option to go with. A light wood tv stand will blend in perfectly with the rest of the furniture in your home. Light wood easily matches with pre existing furniture as its a neutral color. When paired with white its the perfect choice if you are trying to decorate your home in the mid century modern style.  

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Tv On The Wall 

A mid century modern tv stand looks great when a tv is on the wall. This usually looks better when its cleared and doesnt have anything on top of it. Your tv doesn’t have to sit on the console table, you can still mount your tv to the wall and sit a tv table under it for extra storage. Use this space to store extra stuff like books, magazines, dvds etc. You can also display a nice flower pot or modern decor piece to bring your home together. 

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Tv Stands With Extra Storage 

We have a versatile selection of tv stands with extra storage space in all styles, a new tv stand can instantly update any room without having to part with much money. Most of our tv stands typically have a convenient storage drawer with shelves. 

Tv Stand Height 

Our tv stands are designed to sit at the perfect height for watching movies or tv shows on your tv. If your tv sits to high or to low it can be uncomfortable trying to watch a movie for longer than an hour. Some mid century modern tv stands do sit lower than the standard tv stand. Therefore you may want to consider hanging your tv on the wall to sit it at the correct height with your sofa. 

Solid Live Edge Wood Tv Stands 

We have a good selection of solid wood tv stands with live edge details. When choosing your tv stand keep in mind the extra shelves could come in handy to display decor or electronic accessories. When you look at a solid piece of furniture you want to see the live edge wood grain going through the patterns so you know you are purchasing solid wood. 

Rustic Wood Tv Stand

Rustic Wood Tv Stands 

If your looking for a more warm rustic wood piece to hold your tv then we have some fantastic options that you really cant tell its a new piece of furniture. These days shabby chic furniture is really popular with inflation. You can renovate an old tv stand. However these can break down as they are old. We have a new line of tv stands that actually are designed to look dated. We are updating our inventory every few months so keep checking back for more new releases! 

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